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Woman reading in front of Arabic script painted on a wall.

Not everyone likes writing. Plenty of people would rather do anything else than read once more over their work.

Finding the right words can be a frustrating task and proofreading a co-authored company report seems unfortunate bedtime reading for some.

Despite massive recent breakthroughs, accurate online translation won't be available for the foreseeable future.

Finally, there is never going to be a perfect grammar-and-spell-check function on your word processing software. Well, probably not for a while.

However, I’m here to help. I’ll proofread your thesis, subedit that quarterly report, translate the incomprehensible document from the Istanbul branch and deliver a fresh press release for your product or service. On time. And online.

What you need to do

It’s easy. All you need to do is fill in my quote form. I'll then get back to you as quickly as possible with a detailed quote and information about how to make an easy and secure online payment for your work.


Proofreading and editing services

  • Logical flow. Good copy that flows logically makes for easy reading while poorly composed sentences and a shaky structure will distract the reader.
  • Clarity. Minimal punctuation is more essential than ever in a world where acronyms, abbreviations, website addresses and hyperlinks have become part of the body text of much writing.
  • Cleanliness. Computer word processing has led to an overuse of italics, bold, underline and capitalised text that can decrease readability.
  • Consistency. The same style, tone and register should generally be maintained throughout a document.
  • Conciseness. As more text is printed online and as the number of non-native English speakers grow, it’s essential that text be understood quickly and easily.

Learn more about my proofreading and editing services.

Translation services

  • Accuracy. Cultural concepts, false friends and subtle nuances of meaning can only be distinguished by a professional eye.
  • Readability. A well translated document is one where the reader has no idea that the text has been translated. It’s more difficult than you think.
  • Timely delivery. Asking a friend or colleague to do a translation is the ideal method by which to obtain a second-grade product, and usually behind schedule.
  • Correctness. All languages have fixed terms and vernacular expressions that make the average translation a minefield for those who might attempt translation with even the best dictionaries.

Learn more about my Translation services.

Copywriting services

  • Originality. A new of eyes, with novel ideas and creative ways of expressing them will assist any task.
  • Quick turnaround. Marketing and the publishing industry have no time to spare. Since I’m based in the Middle East, I can offer an advantageous time zone for many countries.
  • Freshness. It’s hard to keep finding new ways of revitalising the same product or service. Let someone else try for a change.
  • Aware. Experience makes for a broader perspective. I’ve spent so much time immersed in other cultures and languages that I’m sure to enliven your copy.

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