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About James Heywood

Photograph of James Heywood.

I’m a freelance writer and editor based in Dubai, UAE, but via this website I undertake work from all over the world.

I'm a qualified editor and linguist, with extensive language teaching experience. I have worked as subeditor on popular science publications, along with proofreading corporate documents, copywriting marketing materials and writing articles about diverse topics.

During my career I’ve undertaken various roles in education, administration, finance & banking, publishing, hospitality and IT.

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Recently I have written articles on various topics which have been published in Living Ethics, the quarterly newsletter of St James Ethics Centre. I also write articles, mostly about travel, for an online writers’ website.

I have also written marketing materials for businesses as diverse as jewellery makers and food producers.

Read a selection of my articles or visit my blog for more of my writing and to find out what I'm up to.

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Translation and languages

Old map showing Arabia.

I love language and words and possess tertiary qualifications in language and linguistics. Besides English, I speak, read and write Turkish, French and Spanish. I can get by in Italian and I still sit in Arabic classes twice a week.

Though now based in the Gulf, I have previously lived and worked in Turkey, France, New Zealand and Australia. I possess a deep understanding of cross cultural language issues and hold a qualification to teach English as a Foreign Language.

I acknowledge the infinite varieties of English spoken across the planet, along with the fact that non-native English speakers vastly outnumber people like me.

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In my work, I believe it’s essential to understand the author and the intended audience of any document, thesis, dissertation or article I am working on.

I love the immense vocabulary of my mother language; though I appreciate that simple expression should forever take precedence over obscure words and archaic expressions. Punctuation should increase the readability of text, not clutter and distract.

And yes, I admit that for some, the idea of checking spelling, punctuation and grammar amounts to self-inflicted torture. I’m here to help. Let me do it for you.

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